Rockshots record label presents...

"This is Christian Metal's Les Miserables" - Heaven's Metal Magazine

"I highly recommend giving it the attention it deserves—it’s a remarkable achievement!" - My Global Mind

"...this is a truly formidable release..." - The Metal Resource

"...The Crucible will be jostling for my album of the year honours come the end of 2024" - Sea of Tranquility

"Simply stated, Harpazo- The Crucible is going to kick your a$$, wash over you like a waterfall, and send you away ready to get in line to ride the adventure again." - TMMC

"It immediately becomes clear that the foundation underneath the endeavor, constructed by Marc Centanni together with Shadow Gallery’s creative force Gary Wehrkamp, is a pristine blend of melodic and progressive rock with towering symphonic elements." - Headbanger's Lifestyle Magazine

"succeeded in making me feel like I was in the world he created, like I was on the stage of an opera being played." -

New Single "Ichor" has been released

Our single "I am God"

album details

Short Bio

A super-group was formed with legends of Christian metal and progressive metal by guitarist Marc Centanni and Producer / Songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Gary Wehrkamp. Their goal was to create a science-fiction thriller rock opera called Harpazo: “The Crucible”. Featuring elements of progressive/power metal with symphonic and industrial undertones, and a hint of Celtic influence, the album features four 8+ minute monster progressive epics. The music was meticulously planned to compliment the lyrics and story.

Featuring members:

DC Cooper – Royal Hunt

Gary Wehrkamp – Shadow Gallery / Ayreon

Mark Zonder – Fates Warning / Warlord

Les Carlsen – Bloodgood

Rey Parra – Deny the Fallen / Sacred Warrior

Christian Liljegren – Narnia

Michael Drive Lee – Barren Cross / Human Code

Niklas Kah – Lord of the Lost / Flaming Row

Lee Lemperle – Outside the Wall

Bruno Sa – Operation Mindcrime

Enzo and the Glory Ensemble band

track listing

1. Ichor

2. Legion Program

3. I Am God

4. Golden Crown

5. The Crucible

6. Two Witnesses

7. Change of Heart Pt. 1

8. Ultimatum

9. We Are Weak

10. Small Price to Pay

11. Change of Heart Pt. 2

12. The Book of Life


Lead Vocals / Guitars / Drums / Bass / Keys

Associated Acts: Shadow Gallery / Ayreon

Bio: Gary Wehrkamp is a multi-instrumentalist, teacher, composer, sound designer, audio engineer, and producer. Gary has been teaching, performing, and producing for over 30 years. At the age of 18, he toured with The Boxtops. He performed in venues such as Yankee and Giant Stadium; Central Park Boathouse; The Red Lion; The Players Club; etc. Gary played, produced, and toured with the progressive rock band Shadow Gallery.

Lead Vocals

Associated Acts: Royal Hunt / Silent Force

Bio: DC Cooper started his career playing in several local bands and touring local clubs in the Pittsburgh area while studying singing under renowned opera coach Charlotte Coleman. His first thrust into the international spotlight was as a finalist to be Rob Halford’s replacement in Judas Priest. He has had very successful years as the vocalist of Royal Hunt and Silent Force.



Associated Acts: Fates Warning / Warlord

Bio: Mark is the drummer of American heavy-metal band WARLORD. When the band was in a hiatus, he joined FATES WARNING. His artistic name in Warlord is “Thunder Child”. Known in music circles as one of the most influential drummers in hard rock and metal history, Mark Zonder’s career in music has spanned more than three decades and a multitude of roles… from underground celebrity to progressive metal icon.

Lead Vocals


Associated Acts: Pink Floyd’s Tribute band “Outside the Wall”, “Jellyfish”

Bio: In 2017, Lee graduated from Clarks Summit University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education and a minor in Communications Theatre. She now happily teaches Drama at Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School as well as private music lessons at New Horizon Music Studios. 

Lead Vocals

Associated Acts: Barren Cross, Human Code


Lead Vocals

Associated Acts: Bloodgood, Les Carlsen Band


Lead Vocals

Associated Acts: Narnia, Divinefire, Waymaker

Lead Vocals

Associated Acts: Sacred Warrior / Deny the Fallen / Worldview



Associated Acts: Jennifer K Eckhart & Stained Glass Road


Associated Acts: Lord of the Lost / Flaming Row


Associated Acts: Enzo and the Glory Ensemble / Members of God 



Associated Acts: Operation Mindcrime, Angra, Tarja Tururen

Marc Centanni

Guitars / Backing Vocals / Keyboards

Founder of Harpazo

Marc, hailing from New Jersey, had his musical journey ignited by his introduction to rock and progressive metal during his young years. Among the most influential artists that left an indelible mark on him were albums by Dream Theater, Kamelot, Avantasia, Ayreon, Bloodgood and Queensryche. Delving into the realm of concept albums and songs, he discovered the captivating QUEENSRYCHE: OPERATION MINDCRIME. As a creative writer, he was intrigued by the challenge of combining his writing with his skills at guitar and songwriting.

During his occupation as a news writer, recent events and technological breakthroughs served as a profound catalyst, driving Marc to immerse himself in extensive research of prophecies and explore books analyzing prophecies across various religions. One fateful evening, as his gaze fixated on Gustave Dore’s captivating depiction of “Paradise Lost,” the story of Harpazo began to flash before him. In that transformative moment, Marc heard a calling to tell a story of a potential future based on contemporary interpretations of prophecy. 

In his search to create a masterpiece album, Marc met with Gary Wehrkamp, a revered guitarist/songwriter and keyboardist from Shadow Gallery, and instantly they forged a deep connection. Gary and Marc decided together they would create a Rock Opera. Fueled by an unwavering passion and a surge of inspiration, Marc and Gary toiled relentlessly for years writing the music and story of “The Crucible”. Together, they found incredible artists who shared their passion and joined them on their crusade. Uniting so many incredible creative forces together, the only result could be an incredible progressive metal opus. They believe this album will leave an indelible mark on the world.

The Story of Harpazo

In the year 2142, Jude Solomon, the visionary CEO of Ichor, an advanced prosthetics corporation, initiated the distribution of a groundbreaking nanoid serum designed to seamlessly merge humanity with machinery. Establishing the utopian city known as Babylon for the evolved, Jude Solomon becomes a formidable figure in the world. His plan is to evolve humankind to live forever and censor and replace destructive beliefs with one truth.

Catastrophic meteors wreak environmental havoc globally killing millions. Seizing the opportunity, Jude employs his technology to stop the destruction. Those who survive are asked to join his revolution to build a new world and replace previous deities. 

The trusted charismatic leader rises to become world sovereign. He persuades the majority of survivors to forsake traditional beliefs and accept the Ichor injection as the key to evolution.

A resistance to Ichor rises up and Jude begins a war of genocide against those who resist his doctrine. 

Amidst this tumultuous landscape, Jude sends his cybernetically-augmented assassin known as “The Messenger” to eliminate a religious uprising in Jerusalem. This mission will prove transformative and alter the course of the world.


“It has been an exciting prospect working on this record with Marc Centanni.  It began quite a number of years back. I find the songs and the story to be quite moving and I am enthusiastic to share this with everyone. There is a little bit of everything on this record, including a lot of my progressive rock roots. We have assembled quite the team of talent and there is magic in their performances.”
Producer / Guitarist / Lead Vocals
I really enjoyed creating and recording drums for this record, the song, “ crucible” in particular.  The suspense that starts at the beginning of the song and that grows throughout is very musical and exciting.  The combination of groove playing and crazy fills add to the rollercoaster ride.  I love the middle instrumental section with the syncopated playing which really gave me a chance to stretch out.  The harmony vocals are very impressive as well. There is a great sense of cohesion on this record. The songs are all very different but work well on the same album.  This should be a good one!”
"When I was asked to participate in the "Harpazo" project, I immediately noticed that it was very interesting, in its range between rock metal and deep melodic sweetness. It's a project that any lover of noble rock should repeatedly and carefully listen to."
"Working on Harpazo with Gary is amazing experience. Marc and Gary brilliantly created a story based on New testament prophecies. The music is hauntingly beautiful and the characters are passionate. Every minute in the studio is a part of an exciting process where I get to breathe life into my character, Relena." 
Lead Vocals
"What we have here is a big juicy concept album for fans of prog to sink their teeth in deep. An album like this could only be captured in the elements of prog-rock / prog-metal world were there are no limits. Who better to orchestrate this madness than prog-metal legends Gary Wehrkamp of Shadow Gallery, DC Cooper of Royal Hunt, and Mark Zonder of Fates Warning? Gary, Mark, DC and I have gathered some of the most passionate and finest musicians we've worked with to help create what we hope will be a rock opera masterpiece. Each one of musicians have weaved seamlessly their style into the music and poured their soul into their performances. I am very proud of this album and I truly believe we've got something you can't afford to miss out on!"
Guitarist / Founder